A young and engaging performance artist who also works a lot with photography, Zoncy has recently started to receive international attention for her work. Like many other classically trained artists from Myanmar, it wasn’t until her experiences at New Zero art space that she was initiated into contemporary art.

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Zoncy’s notable upbringing can be seen to inform her practice. She was born in 1987 in Thenasserim, a region located in the most Southern part of Myanmar. Many ethnic minorities live in this region and Zoncy - who has a Karen father - is very much aware of the ethnic and religious problems that continue to plague her country in various forms. With a Muslim mother and a Buddhist father, she personally experienced the tensions that different religious beliefs can provoke in a family. After the divorce of her parents, she also witnessed the difficulties that a single mother faces to sustain her family and raise her children. Gender issues and social bias, therefore, are two themes which for these and other reasons have become central to her practice.

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Having already received various prestigious and crucial travel grants from organisations such as the Heinrich Boll Foundation, we are delighted to announce that Lunn+Sgarbossa have arranged for Zoncy to come over to London from Myanmar for the duration of the exhibition. This has been made possible only by the generous support of the Charles Wallace Burma Trust, an organisation who champion a global, educational vision for mid-career artists from Myanmar wishing to be active in the U.K.  We are worried that as Myanmar contemporary art starts to become recognised both by public institutions and private galleries, this once vital part of the scene will dwindle in importance due to its lack of appeal to the market, and so we are glad to be able to present Zoncy’s work to a new audience.