Yadanar Win


Yadanar Win (b. 1990) is primarily a performance artist whose work examines her own identity and role as a working woman in today's Myanmar, exploring these through themes of play and staging whilst questioning current roles and expectations. She is known for her subtle and simple performances where she will sometimes just paint the male audience members nails “in a commentary on restrictive gender roles”. This is not a case of who copied who, but who was influenced and found strength in artistic communication. Female artists in Myanmar create their own civil society, making visual the discrimination that women all over the world face on a daily basis.


Lunn+Sgarbossa are delighted to be showing her installation Perspectives on History, an environment constricted from 300 Myanmar History books covered symbolically in white paper arranged over a floor also scattered with burned rice husks. This arrangement was originally installed in a building where all of the ethnic leaders of (then) Burma first discussed freedom from our colonial past in the 1940’s. Win’s work demonstrates how this ‘white-washing’ of Myanmar’s history is still is going on. What exactly is our ‘historical perspective’ with so many ethnic groups in conflict and with a dim light of charred remains to sift through for the truth?

Yadnar 5.jpg

She joined New Zero Art Space as a collaborative member in 2009, where she remained for 5 years as an organizer, participant, and volunteer. Win’s work is being increasingly exhibited outside of Myanmar, and selected international exhibitions include:  Gender Under Reflection SEA Women Artists Exchange, participated Artist & co-organizer, NewZero art space, Yangon, (Myanmar, 2012), Festival of Independent, Invited Artist, Charlie Dutton Gallery, London, United Kingdom (2013) ASIATOPIA International Performance art Festival, Invited Artist, (Thailand, 2013) 17th NIPAF Asia Performance art Festival, Invited Artist (Japan, 2014) Freedom Under Construction Malaysia-Myanmar Art Exchange, participated Artist, Hom Art Trans Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia,2014) Censorship , the 7th Move on Asia Viedo Art Festival, Invited Artist, Alternative spaceLOOP, Seoul, (South Korea, 2014) Balance and Provocation Art Exhibition, Invited Artist, Fargfabriken Museum, Stockholm, (Sweden, 2016)